Alternating Pressure Air Mattress

This alternating pressure air mattress is ideal for those who are assessed to be at low to medium risk of developing pressure ulcers. There are total 22 independent air bladder, divided into two groups, with periodical inflation and deflation to mimic natural sleep movement patterns and avoid long term pressurization of tissue.

Features & Benefits

Alternating & Adjustable Pressure
Two groups of air chambers alternate pressure on a regular basis to distribute body weight and prevent bedsores. Ten pressure levels make it easily adjust a tailored pressure according to your preference;
Low noise, minimum to 30 dB, our whisper quiet pump could reduce vibration when produces consistent air flow which has the less interference on patient sleep and rest;
Durable with Comfortable
Breathable medical level PVC material allows heat to dissipate for patient comfort, and it is easy to clean and maintenance, durable and not easy to age, safely supporting up to 330 Lbs.;
Easy on Maintenance
Each cell is detachable which could be removed and replaced and use independently, when there is a cell leaking, you could replace it with a replacement tube cell.


Product Code
Input Voltage
110V/220V 50/60 Hz
Pump Output Pressure
50-120 mmHg
Cycle Times
12 minutes
Air Output
5-7 L/min
Noise Level
30 dB
No. of Air Cells
24 PCS
Cell Material
PVC coated nylon fabric
Pressure Mode
Alternating pressure
Dimension of Pump Unit
23.5*12*9.5 cm
Dimension of Air Mattress
190*85*8 cm
Weight Capacity
150 Kg (330 lbs.)

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