Migraine Ice Wrap & Hat

This patented ice wrap & hat is a drug free pain reliever for migraines, headaches, tension headaches, muscle aches and stiffness, sinusitis, stress, fever, and inflammation relief. The Migraine Ice Hat includes a hat and 4 large gel packs. It is made of soft elastic cotton and neoprene for a comfortable wear. The Migraine Ice Wrap is made of a band and 24 individual small water ice packs.
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Features & Benefits

Target Relief
There are several pockets sewed on the inner wall of the hat or wrap to fix the ice packs in, and those individual ice packs allow you to set coldness on the treatment area only;
Comfortable Flex Fit
Made of soft and flexible material enable you wear the hat comfortably. Pull-cord closure easily adjusts for a secure and custom fit for all head sizes;
Multiple Application
Easy to use band design (the wrap version) allows for multiple ways to wear: eye mask, face mask, neck pillow, on the side, back to front and more for full body pain relief.


Item Product Code Size (mm) Weight (g)
Migraine Ice Wrap K3-L 580*190 495
Migraine Ice Hat I3-L 765*290 1030

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