Cold Therapy System

This cold therapy system is an easy to use device that circulates ice cold water with mild water compression to provide cold therapy in the treatment of injuries. It is ideal for: Post-operative recovery, trauma, athletic training rooms, and home use.

Features & Benefits

Cavity Wall Insulation
Most outside walls have an empty space between the two layers of bricks called a cavity. Heat loss can occur due to convection within the cavity. Our cooler is filled with special thermal insulation foam among the cavity to prevent this for a longer cold;
Decompression Valve
Deflation will be automatically activated when compression inside of the cooler is above 150mmH, eliminated worries about excessive pressure during use and ensured a safer operation;
Cold Wraps
The heat exchanger layer is made and quality checked separately, and then sew together with sleeve. In this way to make sure a better air tightness. The edge of wrap is bound by strip to prevent raveling and to provide extra durability and longevity;
Longer Warranty
CryoPush cold compression therapy system is well built with premium quality which give us confidence to provide a one-year limited manufacture warranty for the whole system, twice long comparing to other brands.


Item Product Code Size (mm) Weight (g)
Cooler CO 320*185 1077
Head Wrap I20 750*300 146
Neck Wrap J20 930*225 120
Shoulder Wrap B20 965*465 255
Back Wrap E20 1220*305 284
Elbow Wrap F20 610*385 191
Hand Wrap G20 790*310 228
Leg Wrap T20 895*365 254
Knee Wrap H20 835*345 234
Ankle Wrap A20 725*375 267

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