Vibrating Foam Roller

It is a high intensity vibrating foam roller for sports massage and muscle recovery. Vibration therapy (VT) can enhance strength and power, increase blood flow and range of motion (ROM) in the muscle and reduce soreness. You could easily choose vibration level and mode to apply the intensity that you need. It is fast charging with high capacity battery, tailored for professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts etc.

Features & Benefits

Dynamic texture
Unique pattern projection delivers deeper stimulation that makes it feel as if it’s pressing with your fingertips;
High Intensity Vibration
4 different vibration speeds with 2 wave patterns, you can choose the right amount of speed and intensity that works for you;
Easy Battery Charging
Instead of Micro USB, ours equipped with Type-C port which is more convenient in using and it can be fully charged about 3 hours;
Long Battery Life
5000mAh high capacity battery, with a comprehensive battery life of 4 hours, only need to be charged once a month;
Durable & Strong
Constructed from quality materials that won’t break down or lose shape from repeated use, supporting at least to 150Kg (330 pounds).


Product Name
Vibration foam roller
Model No.
Rated Voltage/Current
DC 5V 2.0A
Battery Capacity
5000 mAh
Charging Time
About 3 hours
Battery Life
5 - 8 hours
Vibrating Level
4 levels
Product Size
91*91*318 mm
Net Weight
840 g
Black, Grey blue, Orange

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