Cold Compression Wrap Pro

Introducing CryoPush’s most convenient, portable cold and compression therapy system. Intermittent compression simulates stroking and kneading of the tissue by the hands which could move the blood more effectively. Added the benefits of cold therapy, this system can effectively decrease pain and swelling in injured and help to recover faster. Built-in rechargeable battery and compact size allows for doing treatment anytime and anywhere.

Features & Benefits

Cold + Intermittent Compression
Combines the benefits of irregular pneumatic compression with cold therapy to reduce swelling and edema more effectively, and it allows for five pressure settings from 20mmHg to 100 mmHg;
Dual Connector
The air pump equips with two ports for treating two athletes or two body parts at a time which provides the flexibility and saves the waiting time for treatment;
Easy and Safe to Apply
Simply apply the wrap on the joint or body part with Velcro closure straps, press power button, select time and pressure to start therapy. The not-toxic gel pack is double secured to prevent leakage;
Portable and Convenient
Compact size with light weight for the ultimate in portability and convenience. Battery power (optional) allows therapy while traveling, during games or during recovery at home;
4 Wraps for Option
Five cold compression wraps are available including leg wrap(thigh,knee & calf), shoulder wrap, ankle wrap and elbow wrap.


Product Code
12V, 2A
Compression Range
20mmHg,40 mmHg,60 mmHg,80 mmHg,100 mmHg
Treatment Time
10min,20 min,30 min,40 min,50 min,60 min,70 min,80 min,90 min,100 min,110 min,120 min
Operating Temperature
Relative Humidity
10% - 95%
Dimension (Air Pump)
19*9*3 cm
Net Weight
360 g

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