Perfect for Recovery after Hard Practice

Kay van Dijk

Volleyball, Right Side/Position 2

Starting playing when Kay was 5 years old and he said he will make a full 30 years of volleyball. Winning is his career, playing on the highest level is his goal. Kay has won many titles, including the following:

2005 Topteams Cup 4th Athens

2005 Best Scorer + Best Attacker Topteams Cup

2007 Champion Belgium CUP

2008 Champion Belgium League

2008 Champion Belgium CUP

2008 Silver CEV CUP Rome Italy

2010 Champion Slovenian Cup

2010 Champion Slovenian League

2010 Champion MEVZA

2013 Champion A2 Italy Molfetta

2016 Champion UAE Al Ain Club SG

Kay has a faith that still going strong, still spiking every day harder, still improving and never stop learning. He prefers to use CryoPush Cold Compression Therapy System to help him recovery fast from injury or tiredness after hard practice or a competition. He said perfect for recovery!

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